Orbite Aluminae Receives Two Patent Allowance Notices in Russia and China

Orbite Aluminae (TSX:ORT,OTCQX: EORBF) announced it recently received a notice of allowance for two patent applications in Russia and in China for its alumina extraction technology; and new key positions to its management team.

As quoted in the press release:

Orbite has already been issued six patents for this same technology: two in Canada, two in the United States (the most recent on August 14, 2012), and recently added two important ones in Australia (the most recent on July 26, 2012).

Orbite also announced that it is continuing to grow and strengthen its executive team by adding the following key positions to its staff:

  • Marc Johnson, CFA – Vice President, Investor Relations
  • Berthier Lavoie – Director, Human Resources
  • Antoine Charbonneau, Eng., CPA, CMA, MBA, M.Eng – Director, Sales and Marketing

Orbite President and CEO Richard Boudreault said:

Building the Company’s intellectual property portfolio is a vital part of our long-term growth potential, and we are pleased with the ongoing progress in this area. Acceptance of our patent applications in strategic countries likeRussia, China and Australia where demand for alumina is high could greatly expand our licensing opportunities. It further ascertains the uniqueness of Orbite’s innovations abroad.

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